Frequently asked questions

  • Does the CAAP Estrie work for establishments?


    The CAAP Estrie os an independent organism. Thus, we do not work for any establishment under the Health and Social Services Network. We work so a single person; you.

  • What to do if I suffered from reprisals following my complaint?

    Article 73 in the Law on Health and Social Services mentions that no employee of any establishment may not impose reprisals towards a person that wants or has made a complaint towards an establishment of the Health and Social Services Network.

    If you suffer from reprisals following a complaint, you can contact us or directly contact the complaints commissary so that they may intervene without delay.

  • Is my complaint confidential?


    Any and all information transmitted to a CAAP Estrie employee is fully confidential. If you wish for any information concerning yourself to be transmitted to a person, you will, at the given time, have to sign an anthorization notice.

    Furthermore, when the complaint commissary will receive your complaint letter, it will never be added to your medical or psychosocial files. Your complaint file and your medical or psychosocial files are distinct from one another.

  • Ten years ago, i lived a certain situation and would like to complain today. Can I do it?


    However, you must understand the following; the longer you take to complain, the harder it will be for the commissary of complaints to reassemble the facts and meet the people concerned by your complaint so as to treat it fairly.

  • During their hospitalization, one of my family members received bad services .I wish to complain, but can I do it on their stead?

    If you are the legal representative of this person, yes. If not, it is the person themselves who must take the steps to a complaint or sign a written consent giving you the right to make these steps at their stead.

  • Could you accompany me to a meeting with the complaint commissary, the Citizen Protector’s delegate or the members of the complaint review committee?


    If you are summoned by any of these people, you are in right to be accompanied with the person of your choice or by a CAAP Estrie counsellor. It is up to you to decide.

  • What does complaining give me?

    When you live a dissatisfaction facing a service that you have or should have received, it is capital for you to say it. Saying these things means bettering these given services for you and others.

  • If i suffered from a medical malpractice and I wish to receive monetary compensations, can you accompany me in these steps?


    If you have suffered from any medical mistake and your objective is to be financially compensated, you will wish to speak to a lawyer. The complaint network is not a judiciary step.

  • Are your services free?


    All of our services are entirely free.

  • If I live in Estrie and wish to make a complaint concerning an establishment situated outside of Estrie, can you help me?


    The CAAP Estrie serves the population of the Sherbrooke MRC, Memphrémagog, Val St-François, Haut St-François, Coaticook, Granit and from Sources (Asbestos region).

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