Who are we?

If you are a user, a representative for an inept person, the legal heir of someone who lived dissatisfactions in the health and social services network and you wish to :

  • Make your dissatisfactions known
  • Better your services
  • Correct a situation
  • Make your right be respected

We are the organism in Estrie that can, at your demand, help you.

We are appointed by the Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services to help you with the steps in your complaint procedure.
We will assist and accompany you towards of :

  • a university hospitalization centre;
  • a CLSC;
  • a CHSLD;
  • a readaptation centre;
  • a youth centre;
  • a community organism;
  • an ambulance services enterprise;
  • a host family or residence;
  • a certified private residence for the elderly;
  • an intermediate resource;
  • the Citizen Protector on Health and Social Services subjects;
  • the establishment’s Council of Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists (CMDP)

Our role is thus not to treat your complaint but rather to assist and accompany you all throughout your procedures so that your rights be respected.

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