Our values

The CAAP Estrie is an organism where we find respect to be capital. Employees apply to this value and those calling for our services must also take part in these values.

Towards users, the CAAP Estrie swears :

  • That the information held in your files will remain strictly confidential;
  • That explanations will be given to you so that you may understand your file;
  • That you will be respected no matter of religion, gender, your sexual orientation or your financial status;
  • That no employee of the CAAP Estrie will harass you in physical, psychological or sexual manner;
  • That you will be respected in your autonomy and your competences;
  • To offer you services in your original language;
  • That you will obtain services in a reasonable delay;
  • To refer you to organisms that can help you;
  • That you will obtain a courteous service answering your needs;
  • To offer you free services.

To the CAAP Estrie, the user agrees :

  • That they will not harass any employee of the CAAP Estrie in a physical, psychological or sexual manner;
  • To be courteous to the employees;
  • To respect the employees of the CAAP Estrie in their values, religion, gender and sexual orientation;
  • To respect the organism mandate;
  • To ask for any explanation as tyo understand their file;
  • To express any appreciation to the given services;
  • To give any revelant information to the writing of the complaint and the steps.

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